Noosa~ Surf Life Saving Activity

Another day, another fun activity!

Weather has been really good to us lately, so it was the perfect afternoon to go to the beach and learn about safety!

Australia is famous for its beaches, but it’s important to know how to behave on the beach and in the water.

That’s why our TAP General students went to the Noosa Surf Life Saving Club, where they attended an activity on Beach Safety.

First of all they were welcomed by the Lifeguards and received a mini-lesson at the Club, where they were shown a video and given a speech.


Right after it was time for action!

First students were taken on the beach and shown the signs and flags, then they jumped in the water and practised using bodyboards and waves to come back to shore.







Now they can all enjoy their time on our beaches knowing how to be safe at the same time 🙂


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