Indoor Climbing -Perth-

The TAP students were very excited to do indoor climbing on Tuesday. After they listened to the safety instruction carefully, Arianna demonstrated a climb when Yanick was practicing belaying. Since Arianna had done some climbing in Rome, she was able to climb far up the top so quickly and assist other students to climb.


Arianna buddied up with Yanick getting ready for a climb!



Tom had never done it and it was quite hard to climb at the beginning but he got the hang of it!66417837_440142496827909_3732235840449937408_n

Belaying was the most important part to prevent the climber from falling. They did well communicating with the climber all the time making sure everything was ok.


Coming down was also fun!66594081_904777879877261_4985764681927884800_n

They all had a fun time!

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