ADEC – Day 5 – Perth Mosque and Scarborough Beach

The students from ADEC travelled into the City today to go to the Perth Mosque.

All of the students were very surprised by the quality of the service and the meaningful speeches that were given to them. Today’s teachings I was told were on ‘how to be a better person and overcome difficulties and how to also separate yourself from any negative thinking.’


The caption reads, “First time in Perth Mosque”.

Once we came back to the school and for a bit of a wind down, we took the students on a walk to Scarborough Beach.

The students really enjoyed the beach sites and were impressed with the beautiful landscape that it presented.

We’ll be heading to the Swan Valley tomorrow for a tour of the Chocolate Factory and then on to Paintball Skirmish afterwards, the students can’t wait to shoot me…

Gilbert – Chaperone

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