ADEC – Day 4 – Circus Activity

Day 4 of the ADEC group’s visit to Australia would have them venturing out of their comfort zones and introducing them to the Flying Trapeze Perth – Cirque Espace.

The boys had thought originally that the Circus activity was going to be just your run of the mill experience, but soon learned that it was a lot more enjoyable than they had previously thought.

The boys were given an array of activities which included the Flying Trapeze, Bungee Trampolines, Tight wire walking and various types of juggling.


Everyone had a blast participating in all of the activities, and even I had a go at the flying trapeze (it’s a long way up!).

A super special thank you to Flying Trapeze Perth – Cirque Espace making the day so fun and enjoyable for all the boys involved.

Gilbert – Chaperone


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