ADEC – Day 6 – Margaret River Chocolate Company & Paintball Skirmish

Day 6 led the ADEC Group to Swan Valley as they toured the Margaret River Chocolate Company for a chance to sample and buy some of the products to later take back home to Abu Dhabi.

The boys enjoyed the vast selections of ice creams and assorted styles of chocolates as they engaged in a very sweet start to the day.

Next stop on the Saturday was onto Paintball Skirmish for some rigorous and slightly violent, fun.

The students were treated to a Sausage Sizzle upon arrival, and despite being fairly busy on the day, the team at Paintball Skirmish were professional in their conduct and sincerity for safety.

Once everyone was kitted up, the games began and the majority of the students spent the next 3 hours shooting each other and trying to shoot me.

In all, the ADEC boys really enjoyed themselves during the day. They went through about 5 different styles of games ranging from Search and Destroy, to Destroy the Bus (a variation style of capture the flag), Tactical Push and 2 playing fields of Free for all (as some of the student’s had bought a lot of extra bullets and needed a chance to finish them all off).

First week with the ADEC group has been completed, now onto even more engaging activities for our students.

Gilbert – Chaperone

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