Shopping and Surfing the Sunshine Coast Way!

Yesterday, our students spent the Ekka holiday shopping and surfing! They headed to school in the morning where they grouped up and jumped on the bus to Eumundi Market! There, they split into pairs and spent the morning strolling through the stalls, buying all sorts of knick-knacks, and eating a myriad of different foods! When it came time to regroup and get back on the bus, students were showing off their new t-shirts, jewelry, fruits, and anything else they spent their money on!

Then, they headed back to school for a quick lunch, then it was off to their afternoon activities! The TAP Tennis students headed over to the tennis courts, while TAP Surfing and TAP General students hopped on the bus to go to the beach! Merrick’s surf school was already down there, boards at the ready, and the students wet-suited up! They learned how to paddle in, pop-up, and cruise the waves like champions! Check it out!

Eumundi Market Surf 2 Surf1

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