Mountain Biking Down Mt. Tinbeerwah!

One of the coolest activities our lucky TAP students get to do when they visit Lexis Noosa is an afternoon of mountain biking down Mt. Tinbeerwah! The bus takes them up to the top of the mountain where they get some pretty epic views of the river valley and Noosa Heads in the distance.  Then they put on their helmets and hop on some trusty, sturdy, mountain bikes! After a brief session where they get some instructions on safety, changing gears, and braking~ They’re off!  The students head down the mountain, taking the twists and turns like pros! The majority of the ride is downhill, so it’s not as tiring as it seems.  The students spend about 45 minutes careening down the mountain on paved surfaces before they go ‘off-road’ and onto the dirt tracks of the forest! From there, it’s a whole different experience as the students have to navigate through creeks, over logs, and up dirt ramps! Check it out!

Mt Biking

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