Reptile Show Comes to Lexis Noosa!

Today our TAP General students met up in one of the classrooms at 1:30 for our daily activity.  But instead of going out and doing something awesome, something awesome came to them!  Our good friend Johnno came by with his reptiles! He came with snakes, lizzards, and even a baby croc! The students were both awed and afraid of the animals as he pulled them out of his boxes one by one, but they all overcame their fears for a chance to hold some of the reptiles and take the mandatory selfies!  The students screamed, laughed, and gasped as Johnno draped snakes over their shoulders, lizards onto their clothes, and gave them all an opportunity to hold the baby croc (after securing its mouth closed, of course!) Check out the photos below! 🙂

Reptile Show1 Reptile Show2 Reptile Show3

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