Surf’s Up!

After a great surfing lesson last week we went back for more! Another beautiful day in Noosa brought blue skys and calm waves making it ideal for surfing.

When we arrived we hopped about on the boiling hot tar mac trying to get changed into the school’s bright red tops. We were then given our surf boards (smaller than the last lesson because we had improved so much) and marched down to the beach.

Here, surf instructor Alex practised his Japanese and went over the three step approach to standing up. The students tried really hard and many laughs were had as they practised on the sand. Now it was time to test the waters (literally).

The instructor showing everyone how to stand up!

The students were so, so excited that they ran into the sea with some so excited they forgot to put their leg rope on! Once in the sea they played and paddled and caught those waves! Despite being on harder board the students were fantastic! Everyone tried so hard and everyone did really well. The instructors were so impressed!

After a long few hours in the water we waved goodbye to the waves taking with us some awesome memories of Noosa’s surf!

Waka and Yuki Surfing Noosa style!

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