TAPS are terrific at tennis.

Students show us their shots!

We arrived at the beautiful Noosa Springs Resort to be greeted by two top tennis coaches. The students first task was to hit a ball over the net. After each student did this they were assigned a group, orange or green. Then the games began!

The coaches taught the students how to fore hand/back hand/volley and serve! The step by step approach was a fantastic way for the students to learn. The instructors ensured everyone had the correct position so that they were ready to tackle their tennis on the court!

We played an exhausting game of hitting these shots over the net. If the ball remained on court the students stayed in the game. If it went out they had to run to the other side of the net and try to catch other students balls (if they did this they were back in the game). This caused lots of laughter as well as some tense moments on court!

Finally we were ready to play each other. Students played aginst each other in some great rally and were even serving over arm (despite the blinding sunshine). Everyone improved and had a fantastic day! With the Australian Open just around the corner, tennis proffessionals had better watch out-the TAPs are on their toes!

End of match celebrations!

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