An afternoon of fun in the sun!

Nomads Noosa offered the students their volleyball court and their swimming pool to cool down in the hot sun.

The guys at Nomads Noosa!

On a really hot summer afternoon we went to Nomads Hostel to play some volleyball and have a swim. When we got there the students had a few arguments about who was going in who’s team but we eventually settled on two teams of eight players each.

The energy was high and they played very well. Each team scored some excellent points accompanied by great screams from each team and soon after we had started the teams were changing and everybody was throwing themselves at the ball to try to win.

Playing on the hot sand, directly underneath the sun was tiring and the girls soon decided to take a dip in the pool to cool down where they found another ball and volleyball net and continued to play their own game in the rather cooler water.

The boys on the other hand were running around and playing their own games of volleyball, hide and seek and one game where they began by lying on their stomachs and then pushing up to turn around and chase each other to an obstacle.

All in all the students had a very active afternoon in one of Noosa’s popular spots had some well earned relaxation in the hot sun.

The girls relaxing after enjoying a swim and the boys exhausted after playing volleyball and running around.

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