Super Stand Up Paddle!

On our last day together we went to the beautiful Noosa River to have a go at stand up paddle boarding. We arrived in the early afternoon and the blazing heat made the river sparkle and look amazing-we couldn’t wait to get in!

All the students were given bright yellow life jackets as there was a strong wind and a strong current. Once safe it was time for our lesson! World surf champ Merrick showed us how it was done by demonstrating on the sands of the river bed.

The students firstly paddled out on the water on their knees before coming ashore for the stand up demonstration. Easy enough on land……now for the rocky river! We pushed out on our knees and placing the paddle carefully in the centre of the board we had to try to stand up. Although this looks easy enough the choppy current made it difficult.

Some of the boys practise paddling on their knees before attempting to stand up.

The students were fantastic! Everyone stood up and what’s more-no one fell off! Everyone paddled about in the glistening water and had a wonderfully wet time!

Atsushi gets the hang of stand up paddle boarding and Rena survives a little wobble on the board and keeps her balance! Great effort!

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