Kayaking on Noosa’s beautiful river!

The students enjoyed another another water based activity today, when they jumped in a kayak and paddled up and down Noosa river!

Upon arriving at the river, the kayaks were already laid out waiting for the students. All we needed was life jackets and paddles and then we were ready to go! The students were put in pairs or in groups of three and jumped in the boats ready to go.

With a little push from the instructors they were in the water and eagerly paddling away with one instructor leading at the front and one instructor at the back.

Mai, Haruka, Miyu and Ryota being pushed off and paddling away!
Once in the water the students really worked hard to paddle and raced with themselves to get further down the river. With a little help from the instructors for those who were going round in circles we all made it to our turning point after a short distance where the students could enjoy the beautiful river bank and all the different boats on the river.
After a few people had fallen in and we headed back to shore the students had a little fun diving in and out of the water on the bank and after everything was packed away and the students had dried off, we headed back to school.
Another great experience and a closer look at the beautiful river under the sun!

Drying off in the sunshine!


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