Surfing lessons with a Professional Surfer

After seeing Noosa the day before and watching the surfers in the sea the students had the opportunity today to get in the sea themselves and have a lesson with a professional.

The students arrived at school very excited about their surfing lesson in the afternoon and it didn’t disappoint! With a large group we took to the beach with 3 surf instructors. Upon arriving on the beach we spread out and lay on our boards. The instructors gave a lesson on how to position themselves on the board, where to put their hands and feet, how to paddle and how to push up ready to stand. Step 1!

Step 1, the students were told how to position themselves on the board!

After plenty of practise on the beach the students then ran to the water to give it a go. In the water the students were eager to get going and after a few shrieks and screams about the cold water the were enjoying themselves practising.

Having mastered step 1 the students went back to the beach so they could learn the most important technique of how to stand up on the board. Push up from the legs ready to stand. Step 2!

After a fantastic and energetic visual display from the instructors the students were then told how to get from the push up position into the standing position on their board. Step 3!

The instrucor gives a demonstration and the boys all practise their technique.

Uiru, Mai and Junki looking cool!

Photos of all the students can be found on facebook at the following link:

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