A scenic walk in Noosa’s national park!

The students enjoy Noosa’s scenery and the national park!

After the students had settled in to their new school we took them for a walk around Noosa. A short bus journey away is beautiful scenery of lakes, mountains, the Noosa river and of course the ocean. The students walked around and took in the amazing views and excitedly took some pictures.

One can’t come to Noosa and not see the bustling Hastings Street which was our next stop where the students had the opportunity to shop in the many souvenir and surf shops on offer. The best things about Hastings Street is its short distance from Noosa National park which is covered in trees, plants and flowers as well as providing incredible views of the sea where the students could see some of Noosa’s local surfers catching the waves. We were even lucky enough to see a Koala sitting in one of the trees!

After a wonderful walk, we went back to the school and the students were picked up by their host families!

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