Noosa~ TAP Testimonial: Yoyo

Yoyo (Cheng-Yu) is a lovely 16 year old from Taiwan who spent 5 weeks with us mainly on the TAP General program.


She was always cheerful and extremely polite. She studied English in the morning with Rob at Pre-Intermediate level.

Here’s a little interview we did before she left.

  • Why did you choose to come to Noosa?

I’m part of a program that was chosen by our teachers but I’m really happy I ended up coming to Noosa!

  • What’s the home-stay experience like?

The lady who hosts me is really nice. We eat together every night and my favourite dish she cooks is spaghetti.


  • Would you come back to Noosa or try somewhere else?

I would come back because I really like Australia, the sunshine, its clear skies and the beaches.

  • What was the best part of the program?

I liked the afternoon activities because they are interesting and I liked the fact that I could spend time with my friends.



Thank you for spending time with us Yoyo and hopefully see you again 🙂

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