Graduation -Perth-

AhThe TAP and Konan Junior HS students were presented their certificates at the graduation ceremony on Friday.

Nana was in the Pre-Intermediate class for 3 weeks and made a lot of international friends at school. She was sad to graduate and say good-bye to her friends but surely she will meet them again in the future!


Rochelle had these loud boys; Kota, Akira, Kazuki, Hiroki, Fuga and Yuki from Konan Junior HS and sometimes the teacher from the next room came and told them to be quieter! It was fun having you all!


Honor, on the other hand, had quieter boys; Rintaro, Ryota, Masahito, Kento, Haruto, Haruki and Ryota. They studied hard for two weeks. Well done, boys!

2BEFBC86-4CD5-48E6-A6D8-60BFFEF0E6E3Congratulations! Keep studying English hard!

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