Australian High School Visit -Perth-

The Konan Junior HS students visited Perth Modern which is known as a selective school for gifted students in Perth on Thursday.
It was such a great opportunity for the Konan students to interact with the local students who study Japanese and to experience the Australian educational environment. They had a great time joining the Kahoot game, treasure hunt, their buddies’ elective subjects such as cooking and sports and they were so impressed by the Year 11 students’ high Japanese level!
They got to know each other well and some of them swapped their contact details. What a great visit it was!

69216656_607992559729011_2145303174708199424_nThey arrived at Perth Modern with excitement!

68759208_664012947452374_2899660261231165440_n69038923_465047801016829_2148290942937858048_nJoining their buddies’ class.

68446329_222062985385592_9128589633414758400_nTreasure Hunting!68459119_376423419706726_1848543831025254400_n68635044_483937162421614_8246722836253638656_n68917414_2364054473690706_3889300818779701248_n69083523_2663661963666653_5716708016229711872_n69106952_349560292655025_3286662683188789248_n68602199_1321042794740747_444319507847053312_n68475248_508505779713047_1824416500052656128_n68751557_714325365675263_3838846459269087232_n68740994_1530605010424199_7681907977967632384_n68266679_903573339999635_7164297511799095296_n68392563_1068864696656460_7828959721083109376_n68241435_431633794107960_1691520470928588800_n67903111_379775652736870_2034814874730627072_n68411838_488421865287756_9056955656296202240_n68263294_460829844763151_237806450779357184_n

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