Hiroshima Juniors Surf Lesson @ Main Beach Byron Bay! March 22nd


Today we hit Main Beach in Byron for a very special surf lesson for our Hiroshima Juniors! The lovely Blake from Let’s Go Surfing picked us up outside the school at 9am and we headed to their shop to get fitted with wet-suits and surfboards.

Here are the guys, all ready to hit the beach!


It was super hot by the time we hit the beach so the first thing everybody did was jump into the sea to cool down

The next thing we did – stretching! Very important before hitting the waves.

Everyone gathered around as our lovely instructors Sally and Victor explained the basics of surfing and how to kneel up on the board when in the water.

Safety in the water is top priority. Below, our instructor Victor explains what a rip is and how to get out of it if we encounter one in the sea.

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