Osaka Kaisei – Perth Zoo

Today Osaka Kaisei experienced the Perth Zoo!
When we arrived we ate a quick lunch and set off to explore the Australian Walkabout.
Our students were excited to meet Kangaroos, Koalas, and  the local Quokkas and Numbats.
We then learnt about Sun Bears and Gibbons in the Asian Rainforest, and hung out with some Elephants and Sumatran Orangutans before stepping into the darkness to meet nocturnal friends like bats, bilby’s and snakes!
Lastly we ventured to the African Savannah exhibit. Over 100-year-old turtles, cute little meerkats, Rhinos, Lions, Zebras and Hyenas were just some of the attractions.
Finally, we stopped for some souvenirs on our way out. After such an exciting afternoon, there were more than a couple of sleepyheads on the bus ride home.
Natha – Teacher

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