ADEC – Day 20 – AMF Bowling

After half of the an intensive day of studying Business, English along with doing additional workshop studies, we finally let the ADEC students cut loose on a bit of bowling.

We headed down to AMF Bowling in Morley and soon 7 lanes were full of heavily excited and competitive young men from Abu Dhabi.

The competition was fierce, and even though some of the students were slow to start with, the fires got burning and quite a few were able to post up rather competitive scores.

Our highest scorer was Rashid Alnaqbi, who posted up a rather impressive 122 point game in his first attempt.

Saif and Mansoor posted 113 games respectfully along with myself who scored an encouraging 111 to help motivate the students to up their game :D.

A fun filled afternoon which aided the students in relaxing from their studies.

Gilbert – Chaperone

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