TAP – Conversation Club

Today we had our big group of 17 Japanese students along with our other TAPs (Cannelle, Juliette, Mona and Marion from Reunion Island, Yvonne from Switzerland, Yukine from Japan, Ling Cheung or Richard from Hong Kong and Norman from France) engage in our beloved activity, “Conversation Club”.

We let the students have a warm refreshing cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and engage themselves in casual conversation (in English of course), as they play some board games and attempted to topple each other in various feats of Jenga.

All of the students really enjoyed their time playing, and even I got amongst the fun and joined in on the activities with them, encouraging them as much as they can to speak in English only.

Thank you to Sally, Aiden and also Paul for directing, assisting and helping everyone who was participating in the Conversation Club.

Gilbert – Chaperone

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