ADEC – Week 1 – Shopping in Joondalup

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the 34 Students attending our Lexis English campus here in Perth over the next 5 weeks, they’re a bright bunch of students who are academically and personally motivated to succeed in their pursuits of the English language.

The students have come from the UAE under academic scholarship and their days will consist of mainly studying in the morning with a rewarding afternoon full of fun activities.

The first excursion off campus this week was a trip to Joondalup shopping centre!

Head Chaperone Muburak from the UAE kept the student’s entertained on the bus with lots of world trivia, and the boys got to explore and do some much needed shopping around the Joondalup complex.

I look forward to all of our next activities with each other!

Gilbert – Chaperone for ADEC Group.


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