HSP Graduates Update

All of our High School Prep Graduates are doing well at the Local schools they have entered. We have spotted our graduates Kelly and Fernando at Mountain Creek High School.

Fernando is a student from China and began studying at Mountain State High School in January 2016. He chose Australia because it is  a Country that he always wanted to visit  as well as it’s beauty and education programs.

He is studying within the International Baccalaureate Program and will graduate in February 2019.He would like to continue his studies here in Australia and hopefully be accepted by the University of Melbourne where he would like to attain a Degree in Engineering.

He is very happy with his host family and the lifestyle that he now experiences on the Sunshine Coast.

Kelly  is a student who is also from China and began her studies at Mountain Creek State High school in January 2016. She is also studying the IB Program and will Graduate in February 2019.

She has integrated well at Mountain Creek and has made many friends and finds Mountain Creek a welcoming  and focused learning environment.

She believes the IB Program is an exceptional form of study to prepare her for International University entry.

She is very happy with the International Student Program at Mountain Creek  where she has met many new friends both International and Australian. She enjoys living with her host family who are very supportive and like Fernando, feels like the Sunshine Coast and Mountain Creek State High School is the best decision she could have ever made.

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