TAP Week 3 Highlights!

TAP students had plenty of adventures around Noosa last week, with even more surfing, plus team sports, mountain climbing and a mocktail competition to finish up a huge week 3!

Friday’s mocktail comp began with the students hitting Coles supermarket to buy all their ingredients, before heading back to Lexis to begin creating their delicious drinks! Judges Anna and Miriam were blown away by the concoctions students came up with (some a little easier to slurp down than others), giving scores for both presentation and taste. It was a tough competition but in the end it came down to Selma, Felizitas and Coralie’s “Pink Fairy” Vs Sofia, Clemence, Zoe, Amelie and Tracy’s “Tim Tam Overdose”.

After bringing in some honorary judges the decision was made: Tim Tam Overdose was the clear winner! Congratulations girls on both the win and making your favourite Australian snack into a drink!

We finished up the afternoon with a barbecue, music, games and celebrations for Tracy’s 15th birthday!

What a perfect end to another awesome week!

And FAREWELL to TAP leavers Amelie, Uiko, Tracy, Julian, Jana, Pietro, Julius and Fynn! ❤


MocktailsWk3 HighlightsIMG_5486

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