Time to say farewell…

Alright guys, today’s the day I have to say goodbye.  I started working at Lexis Noosa awhile back as a General English teacher.  I can honestly say it was the best job I have ever had. The students here at Lexis are always eager to learn and willing to mingle and experiment with their newfound language skills.  And of course, they are always down to have a rowdy good time 🙂  You students and teachers here at Lexis are some of the nicest, most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

When the winter season started I took on the teens activity coordinator position, which is the job I’ve held until today.  It was a completely new working experience for me, one which included more office time than I had been used to, but it also let me work with an awesome boss and teens from all over the world with the potential to go out and do great things with their lives.  Over this winter season, my job allowed me to go to the zoo, watch movies in the cinema, surf, eat pizza, cook, play with snakes and crocs, ride roller-coasters, go shopping, walk through beautiful parks, and so many other beautiful and amazing things.  It was an experience I was happy to take on and the memories of you wonderful people will be with me wherever I go in the future…

… Anyways, here’s a selfie collage of myself and all the wonderful TAP students I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past few months.  Good luck and farewell all! I will miss you!


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