YMCA Finishes Off Their Trip With Some Great Activities!

Last week, we had to say farewell to our lovely younger group of students from YMCA Japan.  But, though sad their departure was, the students had a great time while they were here! We caught up with them to see what they had been up to and they had loads of stories to share! They had a great didgeridoo session with Bush Lab, where they learned about indigenous culture and gained understanding of the important ways stories are passed down with indigenous people.  They were amazed by Scott, our didgeridoo master, who was able to show the kids the many different types of didgeridoos and the sounds they could make.  The students then had a try at playing their own practice didgeridoos and what a fun time they had! They learned how to make the drone sound, howl like dingoes, and laugh like Kookaburras. What fun!

Later in the week, they headed down to Hastings Street to show of their street smarts.  They were armed with a worksheet full of tasks they had to complete.  They ran amok among the shops and visitor centres trying to learn as much information as possible.  They took pictures with life-guards and mingled with locals as they tried to complete each of the tasks on their paper.  The students had a great time getting out of their comfort zone to talk to as many people as they could. Great work guys!

Didgeridoo Farewell

YMCA Hastings

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