Everglades Goodness!!

Here in beautiful Noosa, we have one of only two recognized everglades in the world and on Thursday our wonderful girls from OLR were lucky to spend a day traversing the water on Noosa’s own Discovery Everyglades tour.  They met at the Discovery Jetty in Noosaville right by our beautiful riverfront and boarded the boat eager to take off.  The tour guide for the day, Trevor, was a knowledgeable local happy to share his stories with us.  The girls were able to see large water birds, massive goanna monitor lizards, and the beautiful reflections of the sky and trees bouncing off the everglade water.  Amazing! Before returning home, Trevor took us ashore and treated us all to a steak and fish BBQ lunch while the girls explored the area on foot!  When the boat returned to Noosaville that early evening the sun was setting, the girls were tired, and the parrots were putting on a beautiful bird show overhead.

.Everglades tour

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