Learning how to save lives at Main Beach!

On Wednesday, the lovely girls from OLR walked from Lexis school to Main Beach about 15 minutes away.  When they arrived they met up with Kirra and Cooper, our two fantastic lifeguards and surf education coaches.  Together, they toured Noosa’s famous Surf Club while Kirra and Cooper explained about their lifesaving equipment and first-aid techniques.  When the rain picked up, the two lifeguards invited us up into their awesome tower where the girls had the opportunity to watch the surfers and swimmers from up high.  From there, they were able to get a ‘lifeguards view’ of the beach- Excellent!  Once the rain stopped, the girls headed down to the sand to get involved in some life saving activities.  They raced up and down the beach picking up flags, and to see who had the best endurance and stamina.  Afterwards, the girls spent the rest of the time teaching Cooper and Kirra how to play beach dodge-ball. Everybody had a blast!

Surf Life Saving

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