Friday afternoon games and Burger Cooking class

Friday afternoon activity saw the TAP and general students combine to test their taste buds and sense for scents. Everybody was blind folded with jungle animal masks before braving the spoon for eight different foods in which they tried to guess correctly. The food selection ranged from delicious nutella and strawberry jam to the not so popular vegemite and vinegar.

Smell and taste

After the smell and taste game, the students gathered in the kitchen, split into groups and worked together on the ingredients they need to make their own BBQ patties. With some recipes available to assist the students, two groups went for the traditional beef patties while the other group decided to make chickpea and zucchini patties for the vegetarian in the group. After buy the ingredients from the supermarket, we returned back to school where we began to make our dessert- Rocky Road!!












Once we placed the rocky road in the fridge to set, each group began to work on the BBQ patties recipes. Once the patties were formed it was time to place them in the frying pan to cook. All patties looked delicious, and the students made their burgers and enjoyed each others company, with the rocky road for dessert…mmmmmmmm!!!

BBQ patties

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