Fraser Island Day Trip

Even though the weather was not the best on Saturday, it didn’t stop the amazing adventure the students had on their day trip to Fraser Island. The trip began in the early hours on the morning, where the Discovery 4×4 truck picked us up, taking up to Inskip point to get the barge over to Fraser Island. Once reaching Fraser, the 4×4 truck drove along the beach until we found a nice wind free spot for morning tea.


After munching into some home made lamingtons, muffins and tea we were back on the sand headed towards Lake Mackenzie. We arrived at the Lake just in time for the sun to come out, emphasising how beautiful the crystal clear water and white sand is in this unbelievable fresh water lake.

lake mac

After lunch by the lake and a rainforest walk, it was time to return to the bus for our 4×4 drive back to north shore via Rainbow beach and Double Island Point. On our way back to the barge we were lucky enough to come across two dingos, one who was showcasing itself in front of our truck for perfect picture opportunities. Along Teewah beach we also came across a turtle washing itself up on shore. Even though the weather was not the best it didn’t stop the awesome adventure, wild life spotting and beautiful scenery we experienced that day. Thanks Discovery Group Fraser!



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