Ulysse and Greg talk about their time at Lexis English | Byron Bay!



16 year old French students Ulysse and Greg have come to the end of their five week stay in Byron Bay – where they studied English, surfed and explored our stunning coastal town.

Here are the boys pulling some dashing faces on their surf lesson 🙂

We spoke to them about their time here at Lexis English | Byron Bay!




I really like my homestay. They cook very well and their child Jack, who is 7, is a very nice boy. They are very welcoming. They also had a Japanese student staying with them and he was cool. There is always a friendly atmosphere at dinner!


If I had to describe Byron Bay to another student, I would say that in the winter the weather is very good, and it is a very good spot to surf – there are great waves. The people are very friendly, especially at Lexis!

I enjoyed my lessons – Paul is a very good teacher. It is my second time in Australia – I also studied at Lexis Noosa – Lexis is a good school.


My surfing definitely progressed while I was here – I got better at surfing the face of the wave. I also bought a $400 wetsuit! The surf instructors are really good.

Thanks Greg! We won’t tell your Dad about the $400 wetsuit….


Yesterday I went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, on the Gold Coast – I saw so many crocodiles and got to hold a koala!


My homestay was really good – Georgia, my homestay Mum, was such a nice, helpful and funny person. The food was great, too. 

I also really liked my teachers – when I first arrived  I found it difficult to understand, but whenever you don’t understand, they stop and explain. Paul is a very good teacher. The English Only policy is good too, as it makes me speak English and speak to other students.


If I had to recommend what to do in Byron Bay to a new student, I would tell them to walk into town for the atmosphere, and to see the hippies! And also definitely go surfing – there are amazing waves.

My surfing has improved – I’ve been surfing on short boards rather than the foam boards that you use when you first start learning. Mojo are a really good surf school!

Thanks Ulysse and Greg! We hope that you come back to visit us, as well as the koalas, the hippies and the waves; some day!




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