The Otemon High School students having a great Aussie experience

This lucky group from Japan had the chance to experience some of Australia’s animals and mammals with a trip to Hervey Bay for whale watching followed by the zoo.


The group of students jumped on the boat at Hervey Bay in search of these incredible species we have in our oceans and were lucky enough to spot some on the trip.



After the whale watching, it was time to see our lovely wildlife at Australia Zoo. Here they spotted a Koala, Cassowary, Goanna, Crocodile, Snakes and kookaburra all of which are native to Australia.

DSC06492 DSC06504 DSC06443 DSC06452 DSC06460 DSC06465

After all this adventure, the students were able to enjoy a lovely Aussie BBQ in the park on the river with games! What a great Aussie experience so far

DSC06538 DSC06543 DSC06549 DSC06551

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