Outdoor Games at Lions Park

Yesterday, the Kindai students headed to Lion’s Park for some fun outdoor games. There were four stations made up, each with different activity. The activities included; Tag-Of-War, Three-legged race, Ping-pong and Spoon race, Wheelbarrow race and ended with a treasure hunt in the park. Outdoor activities for students provide a great way to have fun as a group and allow individuals to work together, creating a positive team environment.



Well done to everyone that participated in the activities and a special mention to the following people below who worked extra hard to win the activity. 

Three Legged Race- Shinya and Shion


Wheelbarrow Race- Hideaki and Shinya


Ping Pong and Spoon Race- Hideaki and Yuya


Treasure Hunt- Yuya finding the most chocolates! 


After some free time in Hastings St, the students returned back to the Lions Park for a lovely group photo near the river.


 🙂 🙂

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