Noosa TAP Relax With Some Friday Mocktails

The Noosa TAP’s celebrated Friday afternoon with some mocktails created by themselves!

Students were in four teams and had to create two mocktails for our judges to taste to be crowned the ‘Mocktail TAP Champions’. It took an hour of deliberating what to create then it was time to shop for their ingredients. Upon returning to the Lexis Noosa kitchen it was time to shake, stir, blend and crush to make the perfect mocktail. TAP coordinator Cindy invited her mother Bluette, who happens to be a mocktail expert, to come and judge the competition. After a taste of each cocktail and the students explaining their amazing creation, Bluette crowned team ‘Trust Me’ as the champions! Congratulations Ian, Ivy, Shayne and Catherine. The evening ended with some pizza and pumping tunes.

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