My Time At Lexis English Junior Program

Kounosuke from Japan joined the general Teenage Activity Program for 3 weeks in August 2011.

I wanted to come to Noosa to study English so my parents gave me a money advance. I have learned more English speaking and writing since I have been here. I feel more easy to speak with English people now. I really enjoyed the surfing activity. I have not done surfing before but now I want surf more. I also had fun at bowling and the barbecues we have for all TAP students.

I have made new friends from Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, Japan, France and Germany. My host family is great too. They are kind and friendly and the house is big. They cook good food too. I will remember all the new people I meet here and how friendly the Noosa people are. I liked very much doing the activity each afternoon and the beach here is very beautiful. I am happy for the experience!

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