Getting To Know Our TAPs

We asked Capucine from France a few questions about her experience in the Teenage Activity Program.

why did you choose to study at Global Village Noosa?
To learn English and surfing at the same time in a pleasant place with sun

 what did you learn, how much did you improve your english?
I learned a lot of vocabulary and I’m more confident with my English

which was your favourite activity and why?
Surfing because I made a lot of new friends and it’s fun

what activities did you prefer?
Shopping, surfing, barbeque, Australia Zoo

What country did your new Global Village Noosa friends come from?
French, Germain, Brazil and Russian

how did you find the residence/ host family?
They are really nice and make me feel welcome and I Iaugh a lot with them

what will you remember most from your stay?
The kangaroos and the koalas

what did you like most during your stay?
The atmosphere of the day and the night with friends and the barbecue and surfing

would you recommend it to friends and why?
Yeah of course! Because it’s a really good experience and after this trip we’re more confident in our English. We make new friends too.

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