A Day Trip to Caversham Wildlife Park, The Pinnacles and Lancelin -Perth-

The Konan Junior HS students had a big day visiting Caversham Wildlife Park, The Pinnacles and Lancelin for sand boarding on Saturday.

It was a chilly early morning when they got dropped off at school by their host families. They were quite tired from the walk in Kings Park the day before but were so excited when they saw kangaroos for the first time at Caversham Wildlife Park!




After they fed all the hungry kangaroos and wallabies, they met the wombat and koala and held the python!


After catching up on sleep on the bus, they arrived at Hangover Bay where they had nice lunch by the beautiful beach!


Then they were headed to the mysterious and spectacular Pinnacles! They learnt a lot about how they were formed by listening to the guide and asking him questions.


And the highlight of their day was sandboarding in Lancelin! They all tried it and some of them had a great control of their bodies and had great rides!



They had a great time all day long!

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