Kindai HS to Caversham Wildlife Park

The Kindai HS students went on a day trip to go to Caversham Wildlife Park, the Pinnacles and Lancelin on Saturday.

When they got to Caversham Wildlife park in the morning, what was waiting for them were all the hungry kangaroos and wallabies! The students were so excited to meet and feed them and took a lot of pictures of them.

67571728_415145146014591_9052999390121164800_n67456782_443678912891799_4877435672463409152_n67541996_344490029796321_2735370512254369792_n67301294_2918797745012745_3763256778616209408_n67358608_352459262320290_6937251697852940288_n67217377_1185826978292456_69246954554523648_n67778736_2346123958995698_8448159671474192384_n67938498_389337045047823_8332023553926889472_nRena was scared but brave enough to try touching the giant snake!

After they had lunch at Hangover Bay, they were headed to the Pinnacles. They were so keen to learn how they were formed and listened to the guide carefully.

Then they headed to the final destination, Lancelin where they enjoyed sandboarding!


They had so much fun all day!

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