Afternoon of Sports -Perth-

It is always said that sports have no borders and the Kindai HS and TAP students proved it! They went to Lords in Subiaco on Wednesday afternoon and had a good exercise session playing volleyball and indoor soccer.

Although the majority students were speaking Japanese, Bruce from China, Raphael and Tom from France blended in the team quickly and they all got along with each other really well. It was so nice to see that sports bound them all together! E3D34BDA-205A-4316-A939-CF917226D4418A9F133B-6261-4C30-BDCD-3536D7ABAD4C08501AB1-2A50-47FE-BEB4-F69736F516B48A9651B5-FAB4-4D21-80A3-B8C2EB9FEC659F64C73D-62F2-48C1-8570-BC01AE9562196ABA1930-58E6-410A-A51F-7A0CFC99F0169DF05429-1C43-4FD8-863E-AA726AE5475B111EAF9E-CB2D-49E4-85F4-36F3A83817FC


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