Welcome to Lexis Byron Bay!

A warm welcome to our 17 Junior students from Hiroshima, Japan. We are looking forward to a fun week ahead 🙂


Miho’s hobbies include playing tennis and computer games. In the future she wants to go to university to become a doctor so English is important to be able to speak with foreign patients. She would also like to travel to English speaking countries like America and UK.

Daijiro’s hobbies include playing soccer, but he has had an injury and can no longer play.  He still enjoys watching games. In the future he would like to be a chef. He loves eating and cooking and hopes to one day own a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Kota’s hobbies include listening to One Direction. His favourite subject is P.E. because he really likes sports. In the future he hopes to be a farmer, for now he is studying about rice to be successful.

Mai’s hobbies include art, especially drawing and she loves animals. She also likes comics including Dragonball Z and Onepiece.  She has always wanted to come to Australia as she has been told by her teachers and friends that it is a great place.

Schuichi enjoys books and he likes sushi. He has a lot of energy and likes to make people laugh!

Kosuke’s favourite sport is baseball. He enjoys playing it as well as watching. He also enjoys comic books. His favourite is ‘My Hero Academy’. He is excited to be in Australia to learn about the culture and nature. He always wants to learn native English. In the future he hopes to work in foreign countries.

Kokoro has a twin brother. She enjoys playing table tennis, she has played for 6 years! She wants to learn English so she can communicate with people from all over the world and tell them about Japanese culture.

Akane has 2 beautiful pet birds named Moca and Toto. She enjoys taking pictures of them. She believes English is a very important language and hopes in the future to study animals.

Yu is from Onomichi City in Hiroshima, Japan. There are many temples and the sea is beautiful. He enjoys baseball and supports the Carp team. He would like to learn more about the culture of Australia and in the future hopes to have perfect English.

Sawa’s hobbies include listening to music. Her favourite group is ‘TWICE’. She hopes to one day be a junior high school teacher because she likes English and has had very nice teachers in the past.

Moeka’s hobbies include drawing pictures and oil painting. She is looking forward to seeing the nature in Australia and hopes to draw many pictures of it. She hopes in her future to become an artist. She would like to talk to many people from all over the world.

Himari is from Ehime, Japan. She now lives in Hiroshima.  Her hobbies include playing violin. She is very happy to be in Australia and hopes to improve her English.

Suzuka’s hobbies include playing violin. She also enjoys making sweets and watching baseball. She is interested in Australian culture, history and nature. She hopes to improve her English so in the future she can live in interesting countries.

Nakamoto’s enjoys listening to music and playing tennis. He enjoys inventing things that make people smile 🙂 He hopes to make friends while he is here and improve his English.

Yuna enjoys playing and listening to music. She plays the drums, the trumpet and the Japanese harp ‘Koto’. She wants to improve her English to be able to communicate with people from other countries.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach

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