Boomerang Painting – Perth –

There was a lot of hustle and bustle in the room where the Kindai and TAP students were painting boomerangs on Wednesday! They painted their boomerangs nicely using paints, some stencils and the Aboriginal dot painting technique. They all turned out to be very pretty! 67278505_417438842191689_3865370717000302592_n67251065_640033363144850_3209432290669101056_n67089627_334710940807806_2513230349824163840_n67123193_2299801583663559_2856341315572989952_n67133031_801875770214381_8330543843204136960_n67442967_376208326413586_3432305122980397056_n67191061_2373927556212660_9176336282333216768_n67316438_2353938651591988_1579203906452324352_n67402586_1473672706109347_7152964218386382848_n67430014_343713669880603_454601410445574144_n67204194_369362540429375_8131485444907991040_n

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