Scarborough Scavenger (Information) Hunt – Perth –

The Kindai HS students and the TAP students went on a scavenger (information) hunt around the school on Monday afternoon. After they listened to Aidan’s instruction carefully, they paired up and started reading the tasks on the paper and exploring Scarborough.


What is the name of the large hotel on the other side of the road? – Rendezvous Hotel!


Trying to read the words on the stones. What language is it?


Checking the answers and helping each other.67090739_1104057646458137_2064281232304242688_n

What’s TimTam?67113589_484554489024994_7302391568042819584_n67257731_2543744045665249_9048839894683615232_n
Watch out for traffic!

Asking the staff for the name of the shop.67620748_2417086445023096_2618075681250082816_n67625372_332342771053609_8830710540218138624_n67625991_1219446538233205_7266967021382795264_n

They understood the questions so well. Well done!67067236_2955056111202882_5491548723718651904_n

Checking the correct answers.67354423_650898178746912_5261678599408189440_n66999920_515258239216890_7488887676624437248_n67405276_720083005115492_5559161108209598464_n

Bruce, Koki and Lea got the bonus question right! Congratulations!

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