Noosa~ New Starters and Noosa National Park

Yesterday the weather was glorious as 7 new TAP students joined our program!



The morning went by very quickly between the level test and orientation so it was soon time to split into TAP Surfing and TAP General groups.

TAP Surfing as usual went to Main Beach and enjoyed a warm winter afternoon catching waves.

Meanwhile TAP General Students ventured on a Noosa National Park walk, divided into two groups lead by Ciara and Serena.


Ciara’s group





Serena’s group


Students were amazed by the beauty of the National Park. Unfortunately no koalas in sight this time but hopefully next time we will be luckier, as this park is a great koala spotting site!

However, we did see some dolphins playing in the ocean from Boiling Pot 🙂


Looking for dolphins



Selfie time!

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