TAP experience in Perth

Throughout the 2 weeks, the TAP students had an enjoyable time joining a lot of activities, exploring Perth and experiencing the Australian culture. They were first a little shy to talk to each other but they got on really well as they participated in the activities.

55875516_2259276897448452_3900540937171894272_nIt was the best weather for exploring Kings Park on the first day! They all seemed to be very impressed by the size of the park and took a lot of nice photos.

55840311_2509795242382098_5491819551471435776_nThey were so happy to meet Australian unique animals such as a koala, kangaroos and a wombat at Caversham Wildlife Park.

The surfing lesson was so exciting that they couldn’t wait to get into the water! It was really windy on that day so it was difficult to deal with the strong waves but they learnt some tips to control their bodies.

55931115_569378593546545_838124634015531008_n56178554_507557706444008_7748020083137445888_nAt the Conversation Club they mingled with the adult students and played a board game together. They spent a nice afternoon making new friends and having a laugh.

56158092_2521095741252048_7856396109608910848_n56184289_2521095614585394_7087335438771290112_nMayu and Zarah sat next to each other and learnt the history of Didgeridoo and how to play it. It was quite challenging but fun at the same time!


56636482_2383744751872967_4873669175123378176_nThey participated in boomerang painting together and created nice boomerangs using stencils, paints and the Aboriginal dot painting technique.


It was supposed to be a city shopping day on that day but what they wanted was to eat, eat and eat! After they satisfied their bellies, they wandered around the city and Northbridge checking out H&M and EB Games and took some nice photos together.



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