Hiroshima Juniors Didgeridoo Lesson @ Lexis Byron Bay! March 20th


Yesterday we had the amazingly talented Craig come in and introduce us to an incredible art form – playing the Didgeridoo!

He explained all about what a didgeridoo is – a wooden instrument developed by indigenous Australians, along with a bit about the history and origin of this instrument which has been used within aboriginal tribes for years.

It was fascinating to learn about how they form – from finding the perfect branch or tree trunk, to working with it’s natural form to further hollow out the centre and polish it to a smooth finish. Many hours of hard work go into making each didgeridoo and they can range in price from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand!

Craig had a selection of didgeridoos for us to choose from. Each mouth piece was finished with a special wax, to help seal the edges around the mouth so that no air could get through to disrupt our sound.

The first thing we had to do was practice making a special vibrating sound with our lips, (lots of laughs!) which we then had to do into the didgeridoo – it was surprisingly difficult!

We learned about making different sounds and rhythms, with some mimicking the sounds of animals such as the kangaroo and others sounding like the word ‘did-ger-i-doo‘!

Some of the group were naturals, taking to it so quickly, while others (like me) took a little more practice! 😉 One thing is for sure though – everyone had a fantastic time! Thanks Craig 😀


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