Noosa ~ Didgeridoo lesson and graduation

It’s been a busy week of activities and lessons but sadly it has come to an end.  This week the students ran around Noosa Junction as they searched for things to tick off their photo scavenger hunt list. Even the teachers had a lot of fun looking through all the students’ hilarious photos but the “Busy Girls” were our grand champions in the end.


On Wednesday they went for another round of surfing and it sounds like we may have some future professionals in the group.


Next, they spent Thursday afternoon buying all their Aussie supplies from Sunshine Plaza. Even though there were many people there enjoying the school holidays, the students still managed to bring back many snacks and souvenirs to take back home with them.

sunshine plaza centre info



Sadly,  it was time to say goodbye. The juniors joined into the school’s weekly graduation ceremony as their teachers Clare, Paul, Maria, and Jessie said farewell.



But, there was no time for tears. After lunch, we headed to Pinaroo Park where we met Scott from Bush Lab for a very special lesson. None of the students had ever heard a didgeridoo (Didjeridu) before so hearing Scott making lots of different sounds and music on the Didj was pretty amazing. After receiving some body paint, it was the students’ turn to give it their best and it turns out we have a few Didj superstars! A big thank you to Scott for making the last day so wonderful.



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