Noosa ~ Australia Zoo & Surfing

Christmas week has been packed full of fun activities for our new Lexis Juniors. The students explored Noosa on Monday afternoon before going home to experience Christmas the Aussie way.  Even though they were a long way from home, the students still enjoyed Christmas with their host families and especially enjoyed the food and beach!

Instead of hitting the boxing day sales, the students headed to Australia Zoo to check out some of our local wildlife. They were excited to see the crocodiles, kangaroos, wombats, and echidnas, but the koalas were the clear favourite.

Next, they went for their first surfing lesson. The sun was shining, the water wasn’t (too) cold, and there were the perfect waves to practice on. Some clever students managed to stand up a few times and even make it to shore! Even the surf teachers commented on how good they were at listening to their instructions. Can’t wait to see how much they improve next week!

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