Konan students visited Perth Modern School

It was an early start for Konan students but they had a great time experiencing a cultural and language exchange at Perth Modern School on Thursday.

First, they joined a Japanese class with Year 9 students and each Konan students was grouped with a few Year 9 students. Each group was creating a poster about a Japanese fast food shop, and the Konan students helped the Year 9 students telling them what the most popular food at the shop and explaining what the food is like.

After the bell rang, the Konan students buddied up with the Year 9 students and they went to buddy classes such as math, science, music and physics. They stayed together during recess and tried to communicate with each other speaking English and Japanese.

Then the Konan students joined the next Japanese lesson with Year 11 students. The Year 11 students spoke Japanese so well that the Konan students were impressed and enjoyed the Australia/ Japan related quizzes together in a group.

The last class was with Year 7 students who just started learning Japanese 5 weeks ago. After they introduced to each other  in Japanese in a group, the Konan students made a great effort to draw some cartoon characters based on what the Year 7 students described in English.

It was a great experience for the Konan students to engage in activities with the local students!
Thank you, Perth Modern School!

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