Konan’s weekend trip

It was wonderful weather in Perth this weekend and the Konan boys made the most of it on their weekend trip. The boys spent the day visiting Caversham Wildlife Park, Lancelin for Sand boarding and the Pinnacles. With perfect blue skies and a temperature of 17 degrees the boys couldn’t have asked for much more.

Their first stop was at Caversham Wildlife park where they got to see Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats and hold a snake. The kangaroos were happy being patted and were also relaxing and enjoying some sunshine.

Next stop was lunch… After a couple of hours on the bus the boys were happy to fill up on sandwiches and drink before burning off some energy on the dunes sand boarding.

The last stop on their way home was Nambung National Park where they got to see the Pinnacles. Situated about 2 hours from Perth, the Pinnacles desert is the major tourist attraction of the region. Attracting around 250,000 visitors every year, the Pinnacles desert covers an area of approximately 190 hectares, is around 60 meters above sea level, and contains thousands of limestone Pinnacles, some up to 5 meters high!

After a fantastic day out exploring the boys headed home to Perth where they were greeted by their host families and taken home for some well earned dinner and a good nights sleep 🙂

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